Agonas is an open source game tournament management tool. It is designed primarily with LAN Parties in mind but can be used for online tournaments. Think of Toornament or Challonge but open source, self-hosted, with more functionalities and built with modern web technologies (InfernoJS & .NET Core)

It is currently under development and has not yet been released on Github.

No Coin

No coin is a tiny browser extension aiming to block coin miners such as Coinhive.


LANaconda is a small 50 people LAN Party I have been organising with a few friends in Switzerland. The event is running once to twice per year and I have been mainly responsible of the technical side (network, servers, development). Some of the smaller projects include the website ( and the intranet which is the main inspiration behind Agonas.


Palamidi is an alarm and home automation system I developed using a couple of Raspberry Pi’s after my letting agency let a contractor into the property I was renting without my knowledge. It serves also the purpose of anti-burglar alarm but also to receive information about my home.

It’s is currently composed of two Raspberry Pi’s with multiple components:

  • Central server: Logging and communication via a Telegram bot (sends updates to me and can also receive commands). Currently there’s a temperature and humidity sensor attached to it as well as a 120db siren.
  • Entry system: Wall mounted with a 7-inch screen. Displays various information (current date and time, humidity and temperature as well as the weather forecast). It has a motion sensor, a camera and an NFC reader attached for (dis)arming the alarm.

I have plans to rewrite this in a more flexible way and open source it.