Some of you might already know from my Stream last Saturday, some might not – my current side project is Agonas, an open source game tournament management tool. It is designed primarily with LAN Parties in mind but can be used for online tournaments as well. Think of Toornament or Challonge but open source, self-hosted, with more functionalities and built with modern web technologies (InfernoJS & .NET Core).

I am currently working towards a first alpha release with the very core functionalities. Those will include:

  • Event management (create an event with multiple tournaments, manage registrations)
  • Tournament management (create a tournament with multiple matches)
    • Supports team or individual player registration
    • Supports different game type (player vs player, team vs team, free for all, races, ...)
    • Supports different match structures (single/double elimination, round robin)
    • Match & result management (manage winners for each match and rank them automatically)
  • User profiles with stats on events and tournaments they participated in.

And with plans in the future to add more, like:

  • Seat map (with editor)
  • Projector/TV display (live full-page display of a tournament)
  • And more!

Once the core features are completed and fairly stable, I am planning to release the code publicly on Github and continue working on the public repository from there on. My current aim is to get the first version ready for September.

In the meantime, you can watch me code on Agonas every Saturday at 10 am GMT on Twitch. I will also periodically publish updates here, so make sure to keep an eye on the blog and follow me on Twitter.