Comfort when developing is a requirement for any programmer. In my case, as I am mainly working on web related side projects, I gathered a couple of tools that help me to be efficient. As I like to switch between Windows and Ubuntu, one of my requirements was for them to be multi-platform. As a result, all tools listed below work on Windows, Mac OS and most GNU/Linux distros.

Visual Studio Code

I switched a while back from Atom to Microsoft’s neat little code editor – VS Code. It’s fast, featureful and runs on all major platforms. The marketplace contains a lot of plugins that complete the missing features you would find in other editors. And if, like me, you’re playing with .NET Core, it’s a must have.


As a web developer, you should ideally test your website in any major browser, but you will spend some time debugging it in one particular browser and it’s important to choose it well. With the number of good browsers around, you can’t really get wrong. I switched to Opera after using Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi for a while. It’s contains small features that I like for everyday browser along with all the debugging tools from Chromium’s latest version. And with a litle extension, you can grab Chrome extension from Google’s store.


Writing an API? Insomnia is your best friend. It’s a small, free and well-designed tool to query your API. It has all the features you would expect from this kind of tool.


We all know the pain of dealing with email sending during development. Thankfully, the NPM package MailDev makes that really easy. Run it, point your email config to the SMTP server it just spun up and access the web server it just created to see your incoming emails.

If you have any more tools that make web development easier, add them in the comments or send me a Tweet!

Happy coding!